Get Cast in Television

Location setting.jpegWhether its a guest starring appearance on “Gossip Girl” or being featured on a TV commercial, getting cast is usually the final step for an actor in search of a job. Being prepared is the key to a successful career. Many believe that just meeting a casting director is all that is needed to “get the job”. Well, here’s a reality check: Casting Directors meet or see hundreds if not thousands of eager actors. Which means that unless there is something spectacular, unique, special about you, chances are that you will not be remembered. There is hope however. Consider working with a Casting Director who also teaches a class. This is now a double win for you. First, you learn about what skills you may need, tips for success and gain understanding about the casting process. Second, you can make a positive impression about your talent and personality over time with a class taught by the same casting person who may just need what you have. Of course, there is no guarantee of employment, just an opportunity to learn AND increase your visibility. This is especially true if you work with top casting people like Pat McCorkle, Rebecca Yarsin, Findley Davidson.

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