Acting Summer Camp!

We want to congratulate Rhett Speer, 11 from California, on all his success. He joined us for Kids acting summer day camp. Kathy Speer, parent to Rhett says, “Unbelievable, we are up to 7 agent calls. I was hoping for some calls, but these

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NY Advanced Hosting

Starting Thursday, February 13th, we have a six week session of Advanced Hosting starting up. Students will work with Brandhyze Stanley on honing their hosting skills. Each student will work on interviewing with an ear prompter, interviewing with producer input,

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NY Roundtable

At our New York studio we have TVI founder, Alan Nusbaum, here talking with actors about their careers. Alan is a former CESD agent and has been working in the entertainment industry for 30+ years. At our roundtable Alan will

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