Los Angeles Actress Nicole Foster Callahan

TVI Actors Studio Nicole Foster Callahan

Stein Entertainment Group’s Nicole Foster Callahan is opening in the show, “Woman are Crazy Because Men are A** Holes“, at The Macha Theatre.

Nicole is also a Los Angeles Career Coach at TVI Actors Studio in Los Angeles

The show opens August 2nd, and discount tickets are available here, using the checkout code “Nicole”.

NY Casting Directors


New York Casting Directors Pat McCorkle (Pat McCorke Casting, Ltd) and Stuart Howard (Stuart Howard and Associates) were honored in Times Square today for 35 years of service in the Broadway community. Both prominent and still extremely active casting directors in New York, we wish the two of them an additional 35 years of success!

Nervous when you audition? GOOD!


Early on in my acting days, I had the good fortune of studying in London. I was completely amazed at the sheer amount of good theater and opportunities for actors. One day, during one of my scene classes, I found myself completely overwhelmed. No matter how much theater I “took in” as an audience member, actually acting in front of a class was terrifying. My legs shook, my palms sweat, my stomach felt like it would do a back flip.

Even though I had quite a bit of experience performing, somehow this was different. My teacher, James Roose-Evans, taking my gyrations into account, actually made me stand in front of the class until I was able to calm down and breath normally. You can imagine how much time this took. After several moments, he finally said, “Being nervous is a good thing. It means that the work you are about to do is important to you. It means that there is a visceral flight or fight response to what you are about to do. It means that you are a teachable actor. This is good. It means that with time, you will be able to embrace your nerves as a real manifestation of performance joy!” I never felt the same after that.

Each and every moment becomes an opportunity to remain teachable.

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New Musical Theatre show developing


NY drama trained and educated, Los Angeles working actor in TV, commercials and theatre, Corey Pepper just completed workshopping a new show. The project was directed by the notable director Allison Narver.

Many know Corey from his work in TV on shows such as “Sabrina the Teenaged Witch”, “The Amanda Show” and “General Hospital” to name a few. In theatre, “Assassins”, “What the Rabbi Saw”, and “Everything in the Garden” to name several.

Corey is represented theatrically by Steve Stevens at The Stevens Group, and Commercially by Neil Kreppel of Commercial Talent Agency, both talent agencies in Los Angeles.

Between acting work, auditions and callbacks, Corey is a TVI Actors Studio career coach and one of the more popular acting teachers at the acting school in Los Angeles.

He is also the proud and amazing father of two wonderful sons.

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